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If producing wine is an art, so is telling its story.

A universal language that recounts wine and Sicily through an extraordinarily identifying fantastic and feminine language. From the original sketches to the animated video wine tales.

Donnafugata, since the early ’90s, has innovated communication by introducing on its labels female figures, Sicily and its colours, through the illustrations of the artist Stefano Vitale.

Art and wine, a universal language and very fortune binomial that was presented during the art exhibitionInseguendo Donnafugata” (Chasing Donnafugata) held in 2018 in Milan, in the the rooms of Villa Necchi Campiglio of FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano. The exhibition has put on display Stefano Vitale’s original works, small extremely colorful treasures, true “visions” that recount wine and Sicily through an extraordinarily identifying fantastic and feminine language.  The narrative project intended to unveil universal themes such as courage, friendship, innovation, love for one’s homeland.

An homage also to Gabriella and Giacomo Rallo, founders of Donnafugata and their friendship with artist Stefano Vitale who becomes the passionate interpreter of the iconic universe symbolic of this donna-in-fuga (woman-in-flight), and of her many faces. Then José and Antonio – fifth generation of this family – arrive, with José who, through jazz music, experiments new ways of communicating wine, and Antonio, winemaker, custodian of a craftsmanship that, with the heroic viticulture of Pantelleria, reaches peaks of excellence recognized all over the world: these are the people at the helm of the new projects of an enterprise in perpetual motion and, for this, always to be chased.

No wonder that almost 30 years after its inception in the early 90’s, the packaging of the Sicilian company is one of the most distinctive and represents, when it comes to quality wine, an extraordinary success story.

And now that fantastic universe – populated by the evocative female figures of Anthìlia, Sherazade, Floramundi, Bell’Assai – comes alive in a startling way, to reach an ever-widening public through videos and social channels. Thanks to the creative flair of producer and video-maker Virginia Taroni, the series One minute for a wine was launched: the first 6 animated stories are on the company’s YouTube channel and broadcasted on the social channels @DonnafugataWine. From the rich heritage of Donnafugata labels, the author has derived countless iconographic elements, sometimes as they are, sometimes transformed or reinvented, infusing them with life and action, with the techniques of Video-Animation. Each wine is recounted in just one minute, in all its main aspects: the meaning of the name, the territory of origin, the vines, the production process, the organoleptic characteristics, and the suggested pairings with food.

The narrator’s tone of voice manages to amuse and excite in an original way and makes these animated stories little masterpieces, consistent with the dreamlike dimension of the imaginary Donnafugata.  So, it happens that the sea around Sicily is traversed by giant squids or sea dragons, the sky is crisscrossed by hot air balloons and, in a creative crescendo, the figures of woman-in-flight, who identify the celebrated labels of the Sicilian company, meet around the table to share in the pleasures of food and wine.

Marsala, November 28, 2019


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Donnafugata was founded in Sicily through the initiative of a family that, with passion, innovated the style and perception of Sicilian wine in the world. Giacomo Rallo – the fourth generation of a family with 160 years of experience in quality wine – founded Donnafugata in 1983 together with his wife Gabriella. Today the fifth generation – José and Antonio – leads a team of people of high competence and strongly motivated to represent the excellence of Made in Italy in the world, always accepting new challenges.

Donnafugata has 5 production premises in Sicily. The ancient family cellars in Marsala, where the bottling and aging processes take place. The Contessa Entellina winery, in the heart of Western Sicily, with vineyards (283 hectares) and olive groves (9 hectares). The Khamma winery on Pantelleria, volcanic island between Sicily and Africa, with vineyards planted to Zibibbo (68 hectares) cultivated alberello pantesco (UNESCO World Heritage).  With the 2016 harvest, Donnafugata realizes a dream cultivated for a long time: produce, in Eastern Sicily, wines under the prestigious Etna, Cerasuolo and Frappato di Vittoria denominations, counting respectively on 18 hectares (44 acres) of vineyards and a vinification cellar in Randazzo on the northern slope of the volcano, and 36 hectares (88 acres) in Acate, classic territory of the denomination. A project that wants to propose the excellence of Sicilian wine from different territories, all of them with extraordinary potential.

The name Donnafugata, which means “donna in fuga” (woman in flight), is taken from the novel Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) and refers to the story of a queen who found refuge where the company’s vineyards are located today. An adventure that also inspired the corporate logo.


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