Ron Barceló the Rum of Santo Domingo

Following his dream of devising the best rum in the world, in 1929, a young Julián Barceló from Spain arrived in Santo Domingo and founded Barceló & Co. Soon he began producing one of his first rums and selling it throughout the country.

In 1950, Ron Barceló launched the white and gold rums, Barceló Blanco and Dorado, which were an immediate success. Some 20 years later, Ron Barceló Añejo – mature rum – was added to the portfolio.

In 1974, Don Julián Barceló handed over the reins of the business to his nephew Miguel Barceló and six years later, Ron Barceló Imperial was born. This is premium rum emblematic of Dominicans, leader in its class since the day it was launched and the most internationally awarded Dominican rum.

Today Ron Barceló is sold in over 50 countries, which makes it the fourth largest exporter of rum in the world.

Ron Barceló abides by the Dominican rum regulations, which ensure compliance with the designation of origin for rum. To comply with this standard, rum producers must harvest the sugar cane, ferment, distill and age the alcohol in oak barrels for a minimum of one year, all within the Dominican Republic.

How the rum is made

The sugar cane is unloaded and cut into smaller chunks to make it easy to feed into the mills. Milling extracts the juice from the sugar cane, compressing the cane to extract the juice. The product that comes from fermented sugar cane juice is called wort. The strength of the alcohol obtained is around 7-8 % proof and is stored in tanks prior to being transported for distillation.

The wort from the fermentation process is processed through a column still, obtain- ing alcohol that is up to 95% proof.

Vinasse, the liquid produced from dis- tilling fermented wort, is obtained from the first still, called the masher, which separates the alcohol from the solid fermentation remnants. It is rich in organic materials and nutrients and is used as fertiliser in the cane fields once it has been processed.

Ron Barceló alcohols acquire their colour, aroma and taste after at least one year of natural ageing in toasted American white oak barrels. This occurs through the transfer of oxygen, tannins and other properties of the wood that only time, the Caribbean temperature and the humidity of the cellars can achieve.

All rums are made by carefully selecting the lots of barrels that have completed the pre-established ageing process. These are emptied and blended in stainless steel tanks under the watchful eye of rum masters and technicians.


This is a refined blend of superior rums patiently aged in oak barrels, with supreme quality worthy of the noblest Dominican tradition. They are bright and amber and ideal for cocktails, particularly mojitos.


This is an enjoyable tasty aromatic rum ideal for cocktails – light and clear, with aromas of coconut and cappuccino cream followed by a round entry to a deep semi dry body with a hint of sweetness, mint and spicy nuts at the end.


Released in 2001 in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ron Barceló Imperial, Barceló Imperial Premium Blend 30th Anniversary is the result of the double ageing of old reserves of Imperial stored in American white oak and French oak barrels with different degrees of toasting. These reserves accentuate the virtues so much appreciated by connoisseurs. Serve it in a brandy or cocktail glass.

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